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The Black Doctoral Network stands in grief with and support of the family of George Floyd and the millions of American's who resist the tyranny of racism. We stand ready to provide our collective intellectual capital toward finding solutions to secure freedom and safety for our people. Reach Out To Us.      


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The Black Doctoral Network (BDN) is an organization for individuals of African descent who are holders of, or scholars engaged in the pursuit of, undergraduate and advanced degrees from accredited institutions of higher learning worldwide.

We provide opportunities for networking, support, and collaboration while answering the call for diversity in both academia and corporate institutions.

We serve as a conduit between talented scholars, researchers, and practitioners and institutions that are serious about diversity and inclusion.


The Black Doctoral Network is a 501c3 multi-disciplinary organization that serves as a clearinghouse for Black and Latino scholars and professionals in the Social Sciences, STEM, and Humanities.

BDN's goal is to encourage interdisciplinary, which is currently hindered by academic isolation and fragmentation of intellectual resources. We continually challenge the persistent negative stereotypes of black achievement, to answer the call for diversity in university and professional organizations, while bridging the gap between academic theory and the real world.


BDN's members include undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and professionals. Our members have varying perspectives and skill-sets, which enables people with distinct expertise to network and collaborate.

By fostering connections across disciplines, the BDN unlocks the key to producing innovative and ground breaking knowledge. Through the intergenerational structure of mentorship and networking, we have created a pipeline of excellence from professors and professionals to graduate and undergraduate students.

BDN leverages the personal interest and energy of members who are exceptional scholars into a collaborative, functional community.


BDN has elicited the support of world-renowned academics and professionals to help build this innovative collective of brilliance. This medium helps to build relationships and trust, and expand our membership base of thinkers and ideas throughout the world.


The Black Doctoral Network national conference is held every October and continues to lead next generation of Black scholars to reach new heights. Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Dr. William Julius Wilson, Dr. Patricia Hill Collins, Dr. Khalil Muhammad, Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Dr. Tricia Rose, Dr. Ivory Toldson and Dr. Joy Degruy, are just a few of the world-renowned scholars that have shared their time and wisdom at the BDN annual conference.

Our conference also serves as a recruitment vehicle for universities looking to add a diverse body of graduate students and faculty. Recruiters from Stanford, Clark Atlanta, Harvard, Baylor, Texas A&M, Auburn, Michigan State, Morehouse School of Medicine, UConn, Michigan Univ., Univ. of Georgia, UMass, Virginia Tech, Loyola Marymount, Univ. or Colorado, Virginia State, Purdue, Tennessee State and many others have participated in our Graduate and Career Recruitment Fair for all undergraduates, graduates and early career level professionals

Encouraging intellectual curiosity and transformative research, the Black Doctoral Network is a bridge, creating paths among scholars, disciplines, and universities. Our conference serves as an invaluable connection between scholars across the world and innovative universities.


Although we operate as a collective BDN understands that our members also have unique needs. To better assist with these challenges our network has several programs to better serve our community.

Women of BDN – It is essential to provide the available space for women, led by women within the network. This is a cross-disciplinary division designed to address the needs of Black women and Latinas in the academy. This division provides a forum for women to reflect, discuss, and actively work towards tackling the specific challenges regarding issues of inequality, race, ethnicity, and gender.

BDN STEM’ers - Under-represented minorities in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields often face hardships. The Black Doctoral Network (BDN) is committed to working for and with its members to engage in relevant discussion that spans across all STEM fields and exposes under-represented minorities throughout the STEM pipeline to opportunities for advancement, as well as a haven to discuss these difficulties with their peers.