Black Scholars Matter


Excellence in scholarship, exercised in practice, as the expected outcome throughout the African diaspora.



We provide opportunities for collaboration, support and resource sharing between scholars across university lines and disrupt the isolation, division and siloing of our collective brilliance.


”There is nothing so powerful and sublime as the organized combination of intellect, compassion and vision. When we the Black Doctoral Network come together the earth moves quicker and our precious youth smile with hunger and hope!” - Dr. Cornel West

Management Team

Deandra Taylor, M.A.

Director of Operations

Kristina Nazimova

Director of Corporate Communications

Donald C. Garner, II, MPA, MSW

Director of Initiatives and Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Waajida Small

Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Advisory Board

Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Spelman College

Dr. Kimberly Sellers

Georgetown University

Dr. Ivory Toldson

Howard University

Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

Duke University

Dr. Cornel West

Harvard Divinity School

Dr. Khalil . G Muhummad

Harvard Kennedy School

Dr. N’Dri Assie-Lumumba

Cornell University

Dr. Mark Anthony Neal

Duke University

Dr. Kris Marsh

University of Maryland

Dr. Rick Kittles

University of Arizona

Dr. Jamal E. Watson

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

Dr. Ryan Hynd

University of Pennsylvania

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“If you are interested in lending your intellectual capital to our growing network of brilliance reach out us and let’s begin the conversation."

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