BDN National Conference

The BDN National conference brings together world renowned and emergent scholars and professionals from the social sciences, STEM and humanities and is a resource, a support system, as a space of intellectual exchange, and a place to create connections and develop impactful collaborations.


Faculty Recruitment Fair

BDN brings together recruiting institutions and registered highly qualified candidates in one place. This exciting event allows representatives of universities and companies from across the country to do one-on-one, face to face recruiting. If you are looking for an addition to your campus or considering the place where our career will flourish, don’t miss the next the BDN Faculty and administration recruitment fair.

Recruitment Recruitment Fair

BDN Writing Camp

BDN facilitates Dissertation Writing Camps during the summer that offer doctoral candidates and masters level graduate students the opportunity to develop positive and lasting habits and a productive writing routine, implement procrastination-proof strategies, utilize peer support and make significant progress in their dissertation or masters thesis. The camps are organized via BDN member host institution.


Doctoral & Grad Student Meet and Greet

The academy is too often isolating and individualistic. All work and no play makes for a long and boring career. BDN schedules meet and greets across the country with the help of our members. These are dates and times that we set aside for scholars to de-stress, relax and put their minds at ease. These meetings serve one primary goal. To have fun.