Black Doctors Talk Podcast Ep10: Dr. Will Brown Jr. - Effective Leadership Styles

Organizations fair better in shared leadership situations where leadership styles are complementary..." - Will Brown, Jr., Ph.D. Dr. Brown sits down with the Black Doctoral Network Podcast about leadership and his personal and professional journey that led him to teach and help organizations implement a culture of positive social change.

Dr. Brown’s passion for service was well-spoken and conveyed during our discussion with him on his 38 years of working with nonprofit organizations in New York City. Dr. Will Brown Jr. holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Management, Leadership, and Organizational Change. He is an entrepreneur with extensive leadership expertise in the private and public sectors.

Dr. Will was elected as District Leader for the 70th Assembly District in New York City, and was also a political candidate for the New York City Council. Dr. Will brings us vulnerability and great insight on how to overcome failures as a leader. If you are looking to get a wealth of knowledge on how to increase your effectiveness in leadership and business, this podcast is for you

Black Doctors Talk Podcast Ep09: Dr. James A. Bush.- Academics and the Military

Dr. James A. Bush. Dr. Bush provides an introspective approach on emotional intelligence and playing spades while tying it together with how we can use those skills to advance the black agenda. Dr. Bush shares his military and academic background with the BDN, and how it paved the way for him to have a heart of service. In our recent interview, Dr. James expresses how “attending conferences like the Black Doctoral Network’s Conference, has fed him with new ideas and research”.

Dr. James A Bush holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Business & Healthcare Administration, a master’s degree in Health Care Administration, and two bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Pre-Medicine Studies.  Dr. James was a United States Army Drill Instructor and is a decorated veteran with over 8 years of service. We thank Dr. James for his service in the armed forces and in the Black Doctoral Network. 

Black Doctors Talk Podcast Ep08: Dr. Candice Ulmer - Black and STEM Brilliance

Dr. Candice Ulmer, Clinical Research Chemist at the Center for Disease Control. Join us as she shares her journey highlighting her background in analytical chemistry and experience in Biomedical Research. Dr. Ulmer is also at the forefront of building coalitions for greater representation of Blacks in STEM.

Ep07: Dr. Skyller Walkes - Positive identity in professional spaces

Dr. Skyller Walkes has a candid conversation surrounding positive identity in professional spaces, cultural humility, and her work in sociopolitical reform. Dr. Walkes challenges us to take inventory of ourselves, in order to make positive steps towards rewriting the history books when it comes to racial equity.

In her current role as the inaugural Assistant Dean of Diversity & Inclusion and Assistant Professor of Instruction in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Walkes serves as chief College of Pharmacy spokesperson for diversity and inclusion, while bringing leadership, vision, integrity, and an intentionally inclusive team-oriented philosophy to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion efforts.

As a graduate of the Adult, Professional, and Community Education doctoral program at Texas State University, her scholarship focuses on Critical Race Theory, Afro-Latinx identity, art activism, race, and intersectionality. Dr. Walkes also holds three bachelor’s degrees in the areas of Communications, English, and Mass Media Journalism from Rutgers University and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Administration from Kean University.

Black Doctors Talk Podcast Ep05: Leonard Sturdivant - Black Love, Marriage, and family.

Watch the Black Doctoral Network's podcast on Black Love, Marriage, and family with Leonard Sturdivant. Leonard brings over 10 years of experience in marriage and family therapy. He discusses the stigmas within the black family as it relates to mental health and how we can combat those stigmas and bring families together. Mr. Sturdivant talks about his clinical approach and counseling methods for pre-marital counseling and divorce interventions. Make sure to subscribe to this podcast!