Ep02: #BlackDoctorsTalk - Dr. Fredrick Douglass Dixon on Preserving and highlighting Black History


Dr. Frederick Douglass Dixon is the founding director of the University of Wyoming's Black Studies Center. Enjoy as he details his journey from the southside of Chicago, IL toward becoming a second-generation historian embarking of his mission of redeeming Black history and culture.

Ep01: #BlackDoctorsTalk - Dr. Waajida Small on Women of Color and Leadership

In this episode, We speak with Human Capital Development Leader-Coach-Scholar


Dr. Waajida Small


Dr. Waajida L. Small is the founder and CEO of Capital Conscious U LLC, a leadership development firm focused on helping career and entrepreneur women of color find and align their purpose with their careers and business.  Over the past 15 years as a human resources leader and executive, Dr. Small has helped international organizations design and implement strategies to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Human Capital Development Leader-Coach-Scholar 

In 2016 Dr. Small joined the BDN team to support efforts in human resources, diversity and inclusion, and strategic partnerships.