Ep02: #BlackDoctorsTalk - Dr. Fredrick Douglass Dixon on Preserving and highlighting Black History


Dr. Frederick Douglass Dixon is the founding director of the University of Wyoming's Black Studies Center. Enjoy as he details his journey from the southside of Chicago, IL toward becoming a second-generation historian embarking of his mission of redeeming Black history and culture.

Ep01: #BlackDoctorsTalk - Dr. Waajida Small on Women of Color and Leadership

In this episode, We speak with Human Capital Development Leader-Coach-Scholar


Dr. Waajida Small


Dr. Waajida L. Small is the founder and CEO of Capital Conscious U LLC, a leadership development firm focused on helping career and entrepreneur women of color find and align their purpose with their careers and business.  Over the past 15 years as a human resources leader and executive, Dr. Small has helped international organizations design and implement strategies to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Human Capital Development Leader-Coach-Scholar 

In 2016 Dr. Small joined the BDN team to support efforts in human resources, diversity and inclusion, and strategic partnerships.


Black Doctors Talk Podcast Ep11: Dr. Lori Caruthers Collins - Diversity and Inclusion

“Particularly when I have been in spaces that lack diversity, and not being viewed as a thought partner”, is one of the challenges that Dr. Caruthers Collins discusses with the Black Doctoral Network, and how she overcame that challenge in her current field. Dr. Lori Caruthers Collins, Ed.D, brings us inside her world of expertise in her role as the Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives at California State University.

Dr. Lori is an experienced educator who shares her demonstrated history of success within the educational management industry. Dr. Caruthers Collins received her Doctoral degree of Education in Leadership for Educational Justice at the University of Redlands. She received her Masters’ of Education with a specialization in Educational Administration and Supervision, and her Bachelors’ degree in Elementary Education and Teaching. 

Dr. Lori gives us insight on how learning during the COVID-19 impacts our students and provides some tips and suggestions for parents and teachers to think about during this time of remote learning. She also gives us some of the benefits of in-person learning and highlights the skill and importance of active listening.

Black Doctors Talk Podcast Ep12: Cedric D’ Hue, JD, Ph.D - Patents and Trademarks

This week’s podcast series with Cedric D’ Hue, JD, Ph.D. Dr. D’Hue really helped enlighten us on the importance of all aspects of Patents and Trademarks. Dr. D’Hue practices intellectual property law, focusing on patent prosecution, patentability analysis, and life science matters. During our podcast, Dr. Cedric really focuses on the importance of why investing in our black youth matters, and why their interest in STEM really plays a huge part in the success of our future. We were able to get more of an understanding of how the legal system is becoming more streamlined, and what barriers Dr. Cedric overcame to create justice in the legal system regarding patents and trademarks. Dr. D’ Hue received his Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry, along with his Juris Doctorate from the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. Dr. D’Hue holds a master’s and an undergraduate degree in Chemistry. During this interview, he brings his background, education, and passion together in a way that is easy to understand, and that inspires.