Black Doctors Talk Podcast Ep47: Dr. Isaac Dixon - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Join us on this week’s Black Doctors Talk Podcast which features our guest, Dr. Isaac Dixon. Dr. Dixon is a futurist, forward thinker with an intense interest in issues of diversity, equity and inclusion as well as sustainability, technology (and its impact on the workplace), change management and progressive governance. He is the president of Vista HR Consulting where he is an HR guru that has years of experience in helping organizations find best ways of investing in their human capital in order to yield quality productivity. Over the past three decades, Dr. Dixon has been an active participant in the advancement of the human resources profession working in both the private and public sectors in Oregon. During the podcast, Dr. Dixon discusses how his work in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is paramount to the health of organizations and its members. Dr. Dixon shares how important it is to assess how leadership impacts organizations and the role that it plays in moving teams forward in the work of DE&I. Dr. Dixons also discusses the intent and prioritization involved in DEI and what is required for organizations to be successful in this work. With diversity, equity, and inclusion being a buzzword in the human resource offices of organizations across this globe, Dr. Dixon openly shares the challenges that exist in acknowledging and valuing the spectrum of diversity that exists within organizations beyond sex and race. Organizations must be open and willing to do the deep work of DEI. As an adjunct professor at Portland State University, Dr. Dixon takes great pride in providing not only intellectual, but also emotional and mental guidance to his students. Dr. Dixon shares the importance of mentorship in the field and how when he began, he was the only Black male in the field in Portland. He continues to fight to break barriers and believes fostering knowledge, strength, and resilience in students is the key to continuing to make great strides in the HR game. Dr. Dixon received his PhD in Philosophy (with an emphasis in Organization and Management/HR) from Capella University, his Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Organizational Communication) from Marylhurst University and his BS in Business Administration from Warner Pacific University. Isaac is also a lifetime member of the venerable Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

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