Black Doctors Talk Podcast Episode 48: Felesia Bowen - Pediatric Health Disparities

Join us on this week’s Black Doctors Talk Podcast which features our guest, Dr. Felesia Bowen. Dr. Bowen is a bold and brilliant nurse scientist with clinical expertise in pediatric asthma and health disparities. She began her nursing career as an Army Nurse where she served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Dr. Bowen is also a nationally certified primary care pediatric nurse practitioner who continues to practice. Her expertise in pediatric health care has been recognized at the municipal, state and national level, including two terms of service as a member of the National Academy of Science Engineering and Medicine Forum for Children’s Well-Being. During the podcast, Dr. Bowen discussed her work with children and their health disparities. Having been a child of military parents, Dr. Bowen traveled extensively and as a child was unaware of health disparities for Black and Brown communities across the country. Once being informed, she expressed how disheartened she became and felt compelled to make a difference. Dr. Bowen has committed herself to advocating and sitting at tables where there are few faces or voices that resemble her perspective. She fights and engages communities to ensure access and information to minimize existing health disparities for children in urban communities. Dr. Bowen’s research is translational and focuses on major health equity conditions of childhood asthma and trauma in urban communities. She is situated between research and practice and uses her expertise as a professor to inform students of existing gaps in the field as well as provides encouragement to live up the call and purpose of nursing to provide quality care. Dr. Bowen shares how mentors have been crucial to her success and supports the presence of mentors for all aspects of life. Dr. Bowen earned her BSN from Tuskegee University, MS from Rutgers University, PhD from Columbia University, and DNP from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Presently Dr. Bowen is Associate Professor and Director for Undergraduate Programs at the Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing.

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